Is a HOMAGE watch a FAKE?

No! Homage watches are 100% legal. They are NOT fakes or counterfeit products. They do not attempt to pass themselves off as an original luxury brand watch. All the watches sold here have been designed as a TRIBUTE to a classic luxury watch. If you see anything suspicious or misleading contact me and I will remove the listing. This website does not in anyway endorse the sale or manufacture of fake / counterfeit products.

Certified Authentic Luxury Watches from Chronext

Does this site endorse counterfeit products?

No! The owners of this website in no way endorse or promote the sale of fake or counterfeit products. If a seller shows a branded logo on a watch, such as Omega or Rolex, we will REPORT THEM to the counterfeit team at eBay and we will remove their listings. We will not accept any company trying to pass their products off as genuine branded goods. We have a zero tolerance approach to FAKE goods. If you see an item on this website that you feel breaks the spirit of an HOMAGE WATCH - please report it to us and also feel free to report it to eBay

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