Let's start by getting one thing out of the way. Homage watches are 100% legal. They are NOT fakes or counterfeit products. They do not attempt to pass themselves off as an original luxury brand watch. All the watches sold here have been designed as a TRIBUTE to a classic luxury watch. If you see anything suspicious or misleading contact me and I will remove the listing. This website does not in anyway endorse the sale or manufacture of fake / counterfeit products. More information here

We have tried to focus only on sellers with a 99% or more feedback score. HOWEVER - please check the quality of the seller before completing an order. We recommend purchasing from sellers with a minimum feedback score of 97% and preferably over 400 sales. We have tested both the timekeeping ACCURACY (with a Weishi 1900 timegrapher) and WATER RESISTANCY (Bergeon 5555/98) of a sample of watches from all brands listed on this website. Needless to say - all watches passed both tests with flying colours each time.   Shop with the confidence and assurance you will receive a high quality product at a great price.


pronounced "hɒmɪdʒ"


special honour or respect shown publicly

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